When your lives just don’t fit together anymore contact Family Mediation Bolton and we will be there to help you make your own decisions about the things that matter most to you…

family mediation bolton

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process which allows separating couples – married or not – to come to their own solutions about all aspects of their separation. It is an opportunity to meet together with a mediator to work towards reaching agreement about such things as care of, and contact with, children, financial support, housing, property etc.

It is completely confidential, voluntary and impartial. You can enter mediation at anytime, even if you have started court proceedings.

Why Does it Work

You make your own decisions about the things that matter most to you.

You are the experts about your family; you know your family relationships and history best, and you know what is likely to work in the future.

The solution is your solution worked out by a careful negotiation; not imposed on you by a court.

Why not just go to court?

Mediation allows you to keep in control. Mediation is cheaper. Mediation is often much quicker.

The mediators job is to find an acceptable way through the tangle of problems that follow a decision to separate.